Rise Like The Sun

In finishing the book and thinking of all the other people in my life who have experienced great loss, I want to share this passage..  Suffering is universal and a part of our human condition.  Each of us can “be that person” that rises like the sun for others… it is a gift we all can give.


I felt more attuned to the rhythms of nature. Steamy days, storm clouds in the afternoon, moonlit nights- these were, and still are, the moments I often feel closest to Nick. The hardest part was always waking up in the morning. There was an anxiousness in crossing over from the peace of sleep to a new day—a day without my son. But every morning around  six, the sun kept on rising, kept offering a new day. And while sometimes, when the sun rose, I wanted to hide from the brightness and cover my heart with quiet darkness, on other days, the sun reminded me that the predictability of a new dawn brought comfort and hope. It reminded me that the day ahead would bring some glimmer of peace, and new memories to build upon.

Nick always rose like the sun. Even after the darkest of nights, filled with pain and exhaustion, he would rise with a smile and try and find the moments to build memories and good days.

Now, each morning as I rose with the sun, I listened to the birds and appreciated the coolness of the morning, I felt overwhelming gratitude for the love expressed by all of the people in my life. Those people were and still are as constant as the sun – that always rises.